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Fuse board thermal imagingThermal image of U bend with sediment build up

Above - Commercial distribution board with overloading switches.  

Left - House hold plumbing, the
u-bend shows a level of buildup

Right  -  Distribution unit showing a greater load on the 2nd from left fuse

If you have a non-stop production line or electrical systems which can not be shut down, thermal imaging is a non-contact assessment process which is an ideal maintenance tool to quickly and efficiently identify systems which are over loaded or components that are suffering from wear and tear.

Condition monitoring imaging can be undertaken without the need for shutting down any systems, thus saving you money and interrupting your business unnecessarily.  

All mechanical components can be assessed for wear and tear and electrical systems can be checked for poor connections and overloading.

The systems or components identified with abnormalities in the report can then be thoroughly inspected during the next planned maintenance period, or earlier if recommended, to avoid risking disruption to your business as a result of intermittent faults or system failures.  

The long term benefits of successive testing is the ability to be able to refer to previous reports and compare images to identify components or systems which could be deteriorating quicker than others and should be added to your next planned maintenance schedules.

As each inspection is unique, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and for a competitive quote.  

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