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Thermal image of air leakage around loft hatch

Leaky loft hatch

Thermal image of air leakage at bottom of external door

Poorly fitting external door

With the cost of heating your home increasing every year, if you want to save money by improving your house then you will want to know which areas of your home need attention.  Air leakage testing and thermal imaging are quick and effective methods of finding where heat and warm air is escaping to the outside which is both a waste of energy and your hard earned money.

By using a thermal imaging camera we can assess your home for direct heat loss which can be due to the construction of the building or through missing or defective insulation.  For an air leakage assessment we use a blower door to depressurise the building which pulls air through all the cracks and gaps in the building.  

These problems are not easily detected with just a visual inspection of the property and with some issues cannot be confirmed without physically disturbing the building fabric.  

Following the visit a report is produced which includes the photographs and thermal images which identify the problem areas.  From the report you will be able to target the areas of your home which require improvement works and once you have had these works completed the reduction in the amount of heat your home uses will in turn reduce your home heating bills and you will start saving money which in turn will also reduce the carbon emissions from your home.  

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Heat Loss Assessment

For more information on both low cost and enhanced improvement works which can help you save money click on the link to view the videos or download the free booklet ‘Warmer Homes’  

The image to the left is of a new extension where the owner was concerned about the room never feeling warm.  Thermal imaging revealed areas of missing insulation.

Thermal image of missing insulation shown by the darker areas

The images above were taken when the homes were de-pressurised using the blower door.  The darker purple areas show cold air entering the home.